Why Animex® fencing?

The only purpose-built wildlife fencing products for reptiles, amphibians and small mammals

We believe in implementing easy and effective fit-for-purpose solutions. As a collaborative team of biologists, engineers, and contractors we understand how animals behave and move and how a project should run.

  • Animal safe (no mesh)

  • Scientifically approved

  • Anti-climb technology

  • Simple installation

  • Water flow functionality

  • Made from recycled & recyclable materials

  • Extremely durable (weather & vegetation cutting)

  • Easily damaged / Low durability
  • Animals can see-through
  • Risk of entanglement
  • No product guarantee or customer support
  • Animals can climb
  • Non-recoverable: becomes trash in the landscape
  • Low UV resistance
  • Extremely high maintenance costs
  • Flase suitability claims
  • Unknown manufacture origins
  • Vegetation becomes entangled
  • Slow-rate of movement along the barrier (drift fencing)
  • Corrosion / degradation / rust
  • Can not withstand slow loading

Animex® - Tried & tested wildlife barriers

The unique features of our eco-fencing range have enabled contractors, engineers, project managers, farmers, and biologists to implement effective wildlife control measures on an extensive range of projects.

All our fencing products and installation guides adhere to, and influence, environmental regulatory policy across the world.

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Animal Safe

No mesh or net that traps animals

Silt, mesh and hardware cloth fencing have been proven to fatally injure wildlife and also allow animals to pass through or climb over them. The solid plastic Animex eco-fence ensures it will not harm animals and prevents animals from entering areas where they could be exposed to harm.

Scientifically Approved

Proven to be more effective than other fences

Multiple studies have demonstrated that the features of Animex fences are far more suitable to be used with wildlife than other options.

The high opacity of the fence eliminates dangerous pacing behaviors and encourages animals to move away from unwanted or dangerous areas much quicker than other general construction materials.

Extremely Durable

Withstands the impact of weather & vegetation management

We ensure all our UV-resistant fencing materials will withstand the impacts of both temporary and permanent projects in a wide variety of climates. Whether it's heavy snow, vegetation clearance, or accidental damage, the integrity of Animex fencing will help to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

It can also stand up to vegetation clearance along the fence when mesh, silt, and hardware cloth fencing can't!

Anti-climb Technology

The only fence animals can't climb

Animex is the only fencing with built-in anti-climb technology to prevent animals from climbing over into unwanted or dangerous areas.

Other fencing materials act like ladders and are unsuitable for use with a wide range of wildlife. This unique feature deters animals from climbing and enables you to use lower fence heights and eradicate impractical large top overhangs.

Simple Installation

Quick project turnarounds

We understand the time constraints of a project so we have created easy-to-follow installation guides and videos to make your life easier.

Our team is also on hand to offer any on-site support or design adjustments you may need.

Water Flow

Protection against storm water & aquatic environments

Animex can allow water to pass through small perforations to prevent washouts during extreme weather events meaning less maintenance is required.

The size of the holes has been designed to prevent any small or juvenile animals from being able to climb or become trapped within the fence as they are known to do in mesh or wire products.

About us

Ecologists & engineers in cooperation since 2004.

At Animex we combine biological understanding with modern engineering insight to provide leading solutions in wildlife exclusion fencing (WEF) and mitigation services. For over a decade we have worked within the construction and conservation industries enabling us to provide you with world-leading knowledge and local ecological expertise.

We provide wildlife exclusion fencing (WEF) solutions designed especially for species-of-special-concern and species at risk across North America and the world. Our unique range of environmentally friendly wildlife fencing products are specifically designed for use on temporary and permanent projects.


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