Temporary Wildlife Fencing

Lightweight, reusable wildlife exclusion barriers.

3 year guarantee

25+ year expected lifespan

Our low-impact temporary wildlife fencing has been the exclusion barrier of choice for biologists and contractors since 2005. Recommended for projects up to 3 years but due to added carbon components in the material it will last much longer.

The Animex anti-climb technology embedded in its recycled plastic formula makes it the most durable and environmentally friendly animal control fencing available. Animex fencing can easily be recovered and reused on multiple projects.

Animex fencing can easily be recovered and reused on multiple projects or left in situ for years to come.

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Other sizes are avaliable.. we can produce fencing at any height and thickness



  • Salamanders
  • Newts
  • Toads
  • Tortoises
  • Small Snakes
  • Small Turtles
  • Small Lizards



  • Large Turtles
  • Large Lizards
  • Small Frogs
  • Small Mammals



  • Large Snakes
  • Large Frogs
  • Small Mammals

Cost & Material Comparison

Detailed comparison for commonly used temporary fencing materials.

Help us reduce plastic waste and pollution in sensitive environmental areas by choosing Animex.

  • Animal safe (no mesh)

  • Anti-climb technology

  • Simple installation

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic

  • Extremely durable (weather & vegetation cutting)


One-Way Escape Tunnels

Allow animals to passively move out of unwanted areas

Our reusable solid animal escape tunnels are the perfect addition to any temporary fence to allow animals to passively escape an area. Unlike regular funnels, our adaptable tunnels are suitable for use with a wide range of species and can be reused again and again!

  • Multi-species suitability

  • No risk of entanglement

  • Passive one-way movement

  • Help to reduce "take"

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Popular Target Species

Special-Status Species (SSS) & Species At Risk (SAR)


  • Alameda whipsnake Masticophis lateralis euryxanthus
  • San Francisco garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia
  • European Adder Vipera berus
  • Massasauga Sistrurus catenatus
  • Pine snake Pituophis melanoleucus
  • Grass snake Natrix natrix


  • Sand lizard Lacerta agilis
  • Viviparous lizard Lacerta vivipara
  • Blunt-nosed leopard lizard Gambelia silus
  • Greater short-horned lizard Phrynosoma hernandesi
  • Gila monster Heloderma suspectrum
  • Dunes sagebrush lizard Sceloporus arenicolus


  • Arroyo toad Anaxyrus californicus
  • Yosemite toad Anaxyrus canorus
  • Natterjack toad Epidalea calamita
  • Fowler’s toad Anaxyrus fowleri
  • Western toad Anaxyrus boreas

Small Mammals

  • Kangaroo rat Dipodomys sp.
  • European water vole Arvicola amphibius
  • Mohave ground squirrel Xerospermophilus mohavensis
  • San Joaquin antelope squirrel Ammospermophilus nelsoni


  • California red-legged frog Rana draytonii
  • Oregon spotted frog Rana pretiosa
  • Northern cricket frog Acris crepitans
  • Pool frog Rana lessonae
  • Western chorus frog Pseudacris triseriata
  • Northern leopard frog Lithobates pipiens / Rana pipiens

Turtle & Tortoise

  • Desert tortoise Gopherus agassizii
  • Bog turtle Clemmys muhlenbergii
  • Western pond turtle Actinemys marmorata
  • Blanding’s turtle Emydoidea blandingii
  • Spotted turtle Clemmys guttata
  • Painted turtle Chrysemys picta
  • Wood turtle Glyptemys insculpta

Salamanders & Newts

  • California tiger salamander Ambystoma californiense
  • Santa Cruz long-toed salamander Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum
  • Blue-spotted salamander Ambystoma laterale
  • Great crested newt Triturus cristatus
  • Jefferson salamander Ambystoma jeffersonianum
  • Western tiger salamander Ambystoma mavortium
  • Marbled newt Triturus marmoratus

About us

Ecologists & engineers in cooperation since 2004.

At Animex we combine biological understanding with modern engineering insight to provide leading solutions in wildlife exclusion fencing (WEF) and mitigation services. For over a decade we have worked within the construction and conservation industries enabling us to provide you with world-leading knowledge and local ecological expertise.

We provide wildlife exclusion fencing (WEF) solutions designed especially for species-of-special-concern and species at risk across North America and the world. Our unique range of environmentally friendly wildlife fencing products are specifically designed for use on temporary and permanent projects.


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