Small Mammal Fencing

Our comprehensive range of small mammal fencing will ensure you can control the movement of small mammals and prevent them from entering any unwanted areas.

Designed in accordance with local and international small mammal fencing guidelines, our products are the most reliable permanent and temporary eco-fencing options available for all situations.

Whether you want to keep animals off of a road, away from a construction site, or protect crops on a farm we have the wildlife fencing solution for you.

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Small Mammal Fencing Specifications & Installation Guides

In compliance with Special-Status Species (SSS) & Species At Risk (SAR) guidelines

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Case Study

Rare Species Reintroduction

We designed, supplied and installed a customized fencing solution to contain a small population of Pacific Pocket Mice during a re-introduction project. The mice were previously thought to be extinct in the 1980's until 1993 when a small population was re-discovered in the wild. The San Diego Zoo Institute For Conservation Research has since been working on a captive breeding program in partnership with OC Parks and USFW to re-introduce populations.

One month after the release, the monitoring study showed the mice were adapting well to their new habitat and were showing signs of reproductive readiness.

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Top Small Mammal Species List

United States

Special-Status Species (SSS)

  • Fresno kangaroo rat Dipodomys nitratoides exilis
  • Giant kangaroo rat Dipodomys ingens
  • Pacific pocket mouse Prognathus longimembris pacificus
  • Mohave ground squirrel Xerospermophilus mohavensis
  • Amargosa vole Microtus californicus scirpensis
  • Preble’s meadow jumping mouse Zapus hudsonius preblei
  • San Joaquin kit fox Vulpes macrotis mutica

UK & Europe

European Protected Species (EPS)

  • Water vole Arvicola amphibius
  • Common hamster Cricetus cricetus
  • Root vole Microtus oeconomus
  • European ground squirrel Spermophilus citellus
  • Tatra vole Microtus tatricus
  • Pyrenean desman Galemys pyrenaicus
  • Northern birch mouse Sicista betulina


Species at Risk (SAR)

  • Ord’s kangaroo rat Dipodomys ordii
  • Vancouver Island marmot Marmota vancouverensis
  • Western harvest mouse dychei Reithrodontomys megalotis dychei
  • Pacific water shrew Sorex bendirii
  • Western harvest mouse megalotis Reithrodontomys megalotis megalotis
  • Collared pika Ochotona collaris
  • Woodland vole Microtus pinetorum

Rest of world

Key Target Species

  • Djoongari / Alice Springs mouse Pseudomys fieldi (AUS)
  • Eastern barred bandicoot Perameles gunnii (AUS)
  • Northern quoll Dasyurus hallucatus (AUS)
  • Plains rat Pseudomys australis (AUS)
  • Three-banded armadillo Tolypeutes tricinctus (BRA)
  • Santa Catarina’s guinea pig Cavia intermedia (BRA)
  • Rock cavy Kerodon rupestris (BRA)

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