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New Specifications & Installation Guides

You can now download our new installation guides and fencing specifications to include in your reports and reference throughout your project.

Based on new scientific research we have increased the depth we recommend fences are buried and provided new options to form the shape of the "anti-climb" top lip.

If your project has specified an older specification or installation method and you are concerned if it is still appropriate please contact us.



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Wildlife Detection Systems

Implementing innovative roadside animal detection system (RADS) technology to keep drivers & wildlife safe.

  • Habitat connectivity

  • Innovative technology

  • Fencing alternative

  • Large animals

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World leaders in wildlife fencing.

We combine biological understanding with modern engineering insight to provide leading solutions in wildlife exclusion fencing and mitigation services. With over a decade of experience within the construction and conservation industries, Animex® has worked alongside many non-government and government organizations to provide effective eco-fencing solutions to help safeguard wildlife on a comprehensive range of projects.

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Large Mammal Fencing

We now supply a wide variety of fencing products to control the movement of large wild animals & livestock.

Just tell us the animals you are working with and will share a variety of options with costs to match.

Bekaert / MRT / Staylock

  • Deer

  • Bear

  • Cattle

  • Moose

  • Coyote

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About us

Ecologists & engineers in cooperation since 2004.

At Animex we combine biological understanding with modern engineering insight to provide leading solutions in wildlife exclusion fencing (WEF) and mitigation services. For over a decade we have worked within the construction and conservation industries enabling us to provide you with world-leading knowledge and local ecological expertise.

We provide wildlife exclusion fencing (WEF) solutions designed especially for species-of-special-concern and species at risk across North America and the world. Our unique range of environmentally friendly wildlife fencing products are specifically designed for use on temporary and permanent projects.


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