Why Animex?

Designed For Wildlife.

Animex has been developed to combat the common failings of silt, mesh and mixed constructional material fencing when used as an exclusion barrier for listed, protected, endangered, dangerous and unwanted wildlife. 

We pride ourselves on our international knowledge fed from local expertise that enables us to provide you with the best suited products and advice. With over a decade of experience in the construction and conservation industries you can be assured that you are in safe hands with Animex.

Animal Safe : NO MESH!

Silt, mesh and hardware cloth fencing have been proven to fatally injure wildlife and also allow animals to pass through or climb over them. The solid plastic Animex fence ensures it will not harm animals and prevents animals from entering areas where they could be exposed to harm.

During a study comparing Animex vs. mesh fencing, all animal groups successfully escaped the mesh fence while none escaped Animex.

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High Durability

We ensure all our fencing materials will withstand the impacts of both temporary and permanent projects in a wide variety of climates. Whether it's heavy snow, vegetation clearance or accidental damage, the integrity of Animex fencing will help to significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Animex fencing can stand up to vegetation clearance along the fence when mesh, silt and hardware cloth fencing can't! 

Water Flow & Erosion Control

Animex fencing allows water to pass through small perforations preventing the natural water flow of the landscape being altered. It also helps to prevent washouts during extreme weather events meaning less maintenance is required. 

The size of the holes have been designed to prevent any small or juvenile animals from being able to penetrate or become trapped within the aperture as they are known to do in mesh products.

Flow rate ASTM D4491: 70 gallons/sqft/min

Patent Pending

Zero Waste & UV Resistant Plastic

Animex products are made from 100% post-consumer UV resistant HDPE.

All permanent & temporary Animex barriers are reusable and are able to be recovered or reinstalled on multiple sites.

If a fence is no longer fit for purpose, it can be easily be recycled into new fencing and helps to lessen the carbon impact of your project.

On-Site Support

We are on hand to take you through every stage of your project. From the moment of deciding on the best Animex product, all the way through to post project recovery or repairs, we will work alongside you to ensure the project gets underway with no delays. Our extensive network of local biologists and installation experts are available to be on-site to ensure your project has the best exclusion solution possible.

Feel like you need something a little different? Not a problem! Our engineers and designers are on hand to provide free fencing designs, product recommendations and installation suggestions to find a solution that works perfectly for you.