Salamander & Toad Fencing

Our comprehensive range of salamander & toad fencing will ensure you can control the movement of salamanders & toads and prevent them from entering any unwanted areas.

Designed in accordance with local and international salamander & toad fencing guidelines, our products are the most reliable permanent and temporary eco-fencing options available for all situations.

Whether you want to keep animals off of a road, away from a construction site, or control their movement for research, we have the wildlife fencing solution for you.

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Salamander & Toad Fencing Specifications & Installation Guides

In compliance with Special-Status Species (SSS) & Species At Risk (SAR) guidelines

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Case Study

Landfill Expansion

  • Location: Portrero Hills, CA
  • Species: California Tiger Salamanders (Ambystoma californiense)
  • Fence: AMX T30 (Free Standing)

We installed a permanent exclusion fence for Waste Connections to prevent California Tiger Salamanders from re-entering an area that was designated to be used as an extension to an existing landfill. The previous fencing had deteriorated and was considered redundant so the new low-profile Animex will ensure that the salamanders are kept off of the site during the new expansion.

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Top Salamander, Toad & Newt Species List

United States

Special-Status Species (SSS)

  • Arroyo toad Anaxyrus californicus
  • Houston toad Bufo houstonensis
  • Wyoming toad Bufo hemiophrys baxteri
  • Yosemite toad Anaxyrus canorus
  • Reticulated flatwoods salamander Ambystoma bishopi
  • California tiger salamander Ambystoma californiense
  • Marbled salamander Ambystoma opacum

UK & Europe

European Protected Species (EPS)

  • Great crested newt Triturus cristatus
  • Natterjack toad Epidalea calamita
  • European fire-bellied toad Bombina bombina
  • Yellow-bellied toad Bombina variegata
  • European green toad Bufo viridis
  • Common spadefoot Pelobates fuscus
  • Marbled newt Triturus marmoratus


Species at Risk (SAR)

  • Fowler’s toad Anaxyrus fowleri
  • Great Basin spadefoot Spea intermontana
  • Great plains toad Anaxyrus cognatus
  • Western toad Anaxyrus boreas
  • Jefferson salamander Ambystoma jeffersonianum
  • Western tiger salamander Ambystoma mavortium
  • Eastern tiger salamander Ambystoma tigrinum

Rest of world

Key Target Species

  • Western leopard toad Sclerophrys pantherina (ZSA)
  • Montevideo redbelly toad Melanophryniscus montevidensis (BRA, URY)
  • Pebas stubfoot toad Atelopus spumarius (BRA, COL, ECU +)
  • Cope’s toad Rhinella diptycha (BRA, ARG, PRY, URY, BOL)
  • Torres redbelly toad Melanophryniscus macrogranulosus (BRA)
  • Formosan salamander Hynobius formosanus (TWN)
  • Sonan’s / Taichu salamander Hynobius sonani (TWN)

About us

Ecologists & engineers in co-op since 2004.

At Animex we combine biological understanding with modern engineering insight to provide leading solutions in wildlife exclusion fencing and mitigation services. For over a decade we have worked within the construction and conservation industries enabling us to provide you with world-leading knowledge and local ecological expertise.


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