Custom Wildlife Fencing

Barriers built for purpose.

✔   Safe for Animals 
✔   Customisable installation 
✔   Easy installation and high durability 
✔   Zero waste: Reusable & Recyclable

If your project requires something a little different then we are on hand to help design and produce a bespoke solution especially for you. Just tell us what you need and we will take care of the rest. 

Read more about the key features that make Animex fencing a superior choice for animal exclusion fencing. Discover the customisable options available in specifications or installation.

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Custom Features

We are happy to prepare bespoke specifications and installation options to suit the demands of your project. Traffic guard rails, roadside embankments, Additional electrified deterrents, if you want it we can provide it.

To find out more, learn about some custom installation methods or discuss your project with us.

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Animex is made from recycled materials

Working to lessen waste & reduce your carbon footprint!