European Protected Species (EPS)

All Animex® fences are optimized for use with the following species.

The Habitats Directive was adopted in 1992 and ensures the conservation of a wide range of rare, threatened or endemic animal and plant species throughout the European Union. The following species are considered protected under Annex IV of the Habitats Directive.


  • Smooth snake Coronella austriaca
  • Grass snake Natrix natrix
  • Caspian large whip snake Coluber caspius
  • Cyprus whip snake Coluber cypriensis
  • Horseshoe racer Coluber hippocrepis
  • Caspian whip snake Coluber jugularis
  • Balkan whip snake Coluber laurenti
  • Dahl’s whip snake Coluber najadum
  • Asian racer Coluber nummifer
  • Dark green snake Coluber viridiflavus
  • Asia minor dwarf racer Eirenis modesta
  • Aesculapian snake Elaphe longissima
  • Four-lined rat snake Elaphe quatuorlineata
  • Leopard snake Elaphe situla
  • Dice snake Natrix tessellata
  • European cat snake Telescopus fallax
  • Nose-horned viper Vipera ammodytes
  • Iberian viper Vipera seoanei
  • Field adder Vipera ursinii


  • Sand lizard Lacerta agilis
  • Viviparous lizard Lacerta vivipara
  • Common chameleon Chamaeleo chamaeleon
  • European copper skink Ablepharus kitaibelli
  • Spanish algyroides Algyroides marchi
  • Greek algyroides Algyroides moreoticus
  • Dalmatian algyroides Algyroides nigropunctatus
  • Bedriaga’s skink Chalcides bedriagai
  • Ocellated skink Chalcides ocellatus
  • Kotschy’s gecko Cyrtopodion kotschyi
  • Bedriaga’s rock lizard Lacerta bedriagae
  • Pyrenan rock lizard Lacerta bonnali
  • Danford’s lizard Lacerta danfordi
  • Greek rock lizard Lacerta graeca
  • Horvath’s rock lizard Lacerta horvathi
  • Iberian rock lizard Lacerta monticola
  • Schreiber’s green lizard Lacerta schreiberi
  • Balkan green lizard Lacerta trilineata
  • Green lizard Lacerta viridis
  • Greek legless skink Ophiomorus punctatissimus
  • European glass lizard Ophisaurus apodus
  • European snake-eyed lizard Ophisops elegans
  • European leaf-toed gecko Phyllodactylus europaeus
  • Dalmatian wall lizard Podarcis melisellensis
  • Common wall lizard Podarcis muralis
  • Italian wall lizard Podarcis sicula


  • European pond turtle Emys orbicularis
  • Caspian turtle Mauremys caspica
  • Spanish pond turtle Mauremys leprosa
  • Greek tortoise Testudo graeca
  • Hermann’s tortoise Testudo hermanni
  • Marginated tortoise Testudo marginata


  • Iberian painted frog Discoglossus galganoi
  • Corsican painted frog Discoglossus montalentii
  • European painted frog Discoglossus pictus
  • Sardinian painted frog Discoglossus sardus
  • European tree frog Hyla arborea
  • Mediterranean tree frog Hyla meridionalis
  • Sardinian tree frog Hyla sarda
  • Moor frog Rana arvalis
  • Agile frog Rana dalmatina
  • Stream frog Rana graeca
  • Iberian frog Rana iberica
  • Italian stream frog Rana italica
  • Italian agile frog Rana latastei
  • Pool frog Rana lessonae


  • Golden-striped salamander Chioglossa lusitanica
  • Pyrenean brook salamander Euproctus asper
  • Corsican brook salamander Euproctus montanus
  • Sardinian brook salamander Euproctus platycephalus
  • Cave salamander Hydromantes sp.
  • Golden salamander Salamandra atra
  • Lanza’s alpine salamander Salamandra lanzai
  • Spectacled salamander Salamandrina terdigitata
  • Alpine crested newt Triturus carnifex
  • Great crested newt Triturus cristatus
  • Italian newt Triturus italicus
  • Southern crested newt Triturus karelinii
  • Marbled newt Triturus marmoratus


  • Natterjack toad Bufo calamita
  • Brown midwife toad Alytes cisternasii
  • Mallorcan midwife toad Alytes muletensis
  • Midwife toad Alytes obstetricans
  • European fire-bellied toad Bombina bombina
  • Yellow-bellied toad Bombina variegata
  • European green toad Bufo viridis
  • West European spadefoot Pelobates cultripes
  • Common spadefoot Pelobates fuscus
  • East European spadefoot Pelobates syriacus


  • Common hamster Cricetus cricetus
  • Pyrenean desman Galemys pyrenaicus
  • Mountain marmot Marmota marmota latirostris
  • Cabrera’s vole Microtus cabrerae
  • Root vole Microtus oeconomus
  • Tatra vole Microtus tatricus
  • European mink Mustela lutreola
  • Northern birch mouse Sicista betulina
  • European ground squirrel Spermophilus citellus

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