Crop Protection

Low cost, reliable crop protection fencing.

Our innovative crop protection fencing inhibits animals ability to see and sense what lies beyond a boundary and deters them from entering areas where they are not wanted. Installed as a stand alone fence or attached to existing perimeter fencing Animex crop protection fencing can help control unwanted and pathogen carrying pests from entering sensitive growing areas. 

The system is a low maintenance must have for all vegetable, salad and fruit farms across the world looking for a pesticide-free way to limit the movement of unwanted wildlife coming in contact with valuable produce.

Find out how this environmentally friendly system can benefit your farm, help improve crop yields and help control the spread of animal-borne pathogens.

Carpet phythons kept out of an orchard in Eastern Australia

An organic farm in Queensland Australia eradicated large snakes from entering their orchard by erecting the Animex crop protection fence on their existing chainlink structure. The carpet pythons where observed to eat the chickens the farms had positioned to control pests in the growing area and they wanted to find a solution. During the first season the Animex fencing was installed they observed no snakes in the orchard and also recorded cane toads, wild dogs and monitor lizards being kept out of the fruit patch.


Animex is made from recycled materials

Working to lessen waste & reduce your carbon footprint!