The Animex® Story

Innovative ecological mindset with a global vision

Since 2004 Animex has grown as a unique enterprise from its independent parent company Ecosupport Ltd to specialize in providing the most informed and relevant wildlife mitigation solutions for conservation and construction projects around the world.

With our origins in construction and ecological consultancy, we have developed a range of fencing and mitigation products that are specifically designed for the purpose of protecting threatened and endangered animals from the impacts of global growth. The products we offer have been invented with both animals and contractors in mind to ensure that they fulfill their primary function whilst making installation and maintenance stress-free and simple.

Dean Swensson, CEO

Our contributions to conservation

Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce road mortality in Ontario we provide an annual donation towards the outstanding efforts the OTCC make by helping injured turtles back on their feet.

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The Wildlife Society Western Section

We believe investing in the future is imperative to drive conservation efforts forward. This is why we provide scholarship for a student to attend the annual The Wildlife Society - Western Section conference.

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The Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Trust (ARC)

As a commitment to the species that we originally developed our fencing systems for we provide a 10% donation from all UK fencing supply sales to help ARC's efforts in preserving these vulnerable herps.

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Keeping Habitats Connected

Explore our innovative arboreal bridge

In association with People’s Trust for Endangered Species we have developed a tried and tested, cost-effective mitigation solution for maintaining and enhancing habitat connectivity for arboreal species including Hazel Dormouse and Red Squirrel on development and infrastructure projects.

To find out how the Animex wildlife bridge could be utilized on your project please get in touch with one of our advisors.

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About us

Ecologists & engineers in cooperation since 2004.

At Animex we combine biological understanding with modern engineering insight to provide leading solutions in wildlife exclusion fencing and mitigation services. For over a decade we have worked within the construction and conservation industries enabling us to provide you with world-leading knowledge and local ecological expertise.

We provide exclusion fencing solutions designed especially for species-of-special-concern and species at risk across North America and the world. Our unique range of environmentally friendly wildlife fencing products are specifically designed for use on temporary and permanent projects.


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